Prestige Maple Heights: A Perfect Residential Apartment to Invest

Bangalore, an IT city in India, greets everyone with open arms, making it one of India’s most densely occupied cities. There is no dearth of opportunities in Bangalore for working professionals. Every Bangalorean dream to reside in a spot having a convenient transit system. Such an increase in demand leads to growth in residential properties. […]

Prestige Maple Heights – A dream adobe in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Owning a dream home satisfies all your longings and requirements. It should claim an exclusive combination of an ideal location, top-notch amenities, and remarkable surroundings. If you are searching for a more serene, prolific living spot in the IT City Bangalore, Prestige Group is here for you! Prestige Group has come up with the latest […]

An apartment amidst nature in Prestige Maple Heights

Nature is basic to our stay and living amidst nature is the solution of stressful modern troubles and a forerunner of healthy life. Even health experts suggests that living closer to nature is advantageous for our welfare. It can also lengthen our life expectancy by prosperous our health, both physically and mentally. Nature heals us, […]

Live luxurious life at Prestige Maple Heights, Bannerghatta Road

The word luxury living is blend of style, splendor, worth, modishness and also relief. And this is what Prestige Maple Heights offers in Bannerghatta Road, unification in with the perks of an urban living pattern of the spot along with offering a relief corner at the same time. While city life delivers all the modern […]

Why Prestige Maple Heights is reflected as the terminus of happiness?

Prestige Maple Heights apartment complex is not just an apartment, it is the habitat of thrill and sumptuousness. After certain circumstances, we realize the significance of possessing a space where you can convey yourself without obstruction. A hub that provides you a sense of safety and offers you serenity amid the mess. Prestige Group, the […]

Why Prestige Maple Heights should be your pick to purchase an apartment?

Once gathered by IT professionals, Bangalore, a lively city is becoming a trendy spot for properties mainly in Bannerghatta Road. Its close connectivity to prime areas, recreational spots, and commercial workspaces make it perfect location for you to purchase an apartment in Bannerghatta Road. Prestige Group, a well-known name in real estate industry, has come […]

Prestige Maple Heights, Bannerghatta Road – The best location to dwell

Since last few decades, Bangalore is coming up as a city having loads of opportunities in job and dreams. It is observing huge number of population shift from all over the country. This shift is making several parts of Bangalore a most preferred and affordable place to settle, Bannerghatta Road is one of such place. […]