New Home construction quality

How to Assess a New Home’s Construction Quality?

With many new construction companies and developers in the industry, a wide variety of real estate projects are currently there in the market. With this increase in the number of properties, there exists a problem for the buyer to check the construction quality of the project. As investing in your dream home is a crucial decision, this becomes one of the important factors to be considered as you are going to spend the rest of your life in the home and you are expected to ensure the safety and security of the residents at that place.

It is very essential to know how sturdy and reliable a newly constructed home is to avoid any problems or difficulties in the future. If you are buying a property under construction, it is advised that you make surprise visits to the construction site to check the construction quality. Apart from this, there are several other factors that you must ensure before investing in a property.

Following are a few parameters to check the quality of a home:

Check the Quality of the Soil

For a building to be sturdy it should have a fine base and for that, the most important factor to be considered is the quality of the soil. The type of soil changes from place to place and not all soils are fit to hold the foundation of a building, only a certain type of soil can determine whether it could hold any high-rise building. Certain soils such as clay-rich soil and black cotton soil tend to expand, swell and shrink according to the moisture content of the water and hence they are not recommended for construction. It is advised to conduct a soil test before beginning the construction process to avoid any further issues. You could also get a copy of the soil test from the developer to make sure that the soil is fit for any building construction.

Determine the Structure Design

Being a first-time home buyer or someone new to this field, it is not easy for us to determine the structure and design of the building. The buyer should ask the developer about the design layout of the building and check whether an expert verifies it. By doing this you will be able to understand how the walls, beams, roofs and columns are constructed, as well as how the building could withstand earthquakes whether it has firefighting equipment, emergency exits and many other important factors. It should be also noted that the weight of the building is evenly distributed.

Assess the Concrete Quality

For a building to be strong and to hold everything appropriately it must need a good concrete mixture that is in perfect ratio. This will ensure that the building will have perfect resilience and longevity. To assess the quality of the concrete, one must ask about the brand of the concrete used in the construction process including the copy of the receipt of purchase, so that you get to have a transparent understanding with the builder. Also, try to insert a nail through the walls to check whether the walls are reliable enough.

Understand the Wall Thickness

Usually, the wall thickness of a building will be mentioned in the brochure as well as in the legal documents. It would be ideal that you cross-check the details mentioned in them with that of the building to avoid any further problems. Also, use other ways to check the wall thickness and the hollowness of the wall.

Check the Fittings and the Fixtures

It is essential to inspect every minute detail concerning the building that you plan to invest in. For that make sure that you check every fittings and fixture inside the house. The kitchen and bathroom fittings must be thoroughly inspected to avoid any further problems in the future. Make sure that there is no water leakage or any cracks in the areas that are prone to these issues. The major areas to be noted include the taps, washbasins, sanitary fittings, sinks and every other thing that could probably create an issue. Never forget to check the electrical connections that include every switch, fan, light connection, air conditioning and every other thing that come to your mind.

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